Product Review

  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a 1/4 scale replica arcade cabinet, NOT a full-size cabinet. Measures: 16.9 inches tall by 8.26 inches deep by 6.29 inches wide
  • High-quality Replica Arcade: Measuring one-quarter of the size of the original Galaga arcade machine, this is one of the most high-quality mini arcade machines for your home available on the market. Featuring original Galaga game artwork, real premium high-quality wood, and premium metal details.
  • Bonus Gift: Your Galaga cabinet comes in a pristine collector’s box, complete with official Galaga artwork and a display window.
  • Quarter Size Brand: The Quarter Arcade is an official, fully playable quarter-scale replica arcade cabinet that maintains all of the features of the classic arcade cabinet from the glory days of gaming. Everything has been lovingly replicated down to the smallest detail, from the artwork to the buttons and even the tiny screws.
  • Miniature Sized: Measuring 43cm (height) x 16cm (width) x 21cm (depth), your Galaga arcade cabinet is exactly one-quarter of the size of the original retro arcade machine. This desktop Galaga arcade game machine is small enough to be comfortably displayed and big enough to fit a 5-inch TFT screen as well as a fully functioning joystick. Plug and play ready, just connect the supplied mini USB cable.