Cooking requires well thought out plan with clear recipes and ingredients. It doesn’t stop there as there is a need to get the exact measurements that give the need for a kitchen scale. Traditionally, kitchen scales were big, and sometimes bulky scales that required lots of movements before getting the exact weight. With the digital scales, all that is forgotten as they are easy and quite reliable. You can bid goodbye to guesswork and embrace real and accurate readings.

What to look for in a digital kitchen scale

There are a lot if factors needed to ensure that a kitchen scale lives up to its billing. While there are many factors, we have narrowed them down to make it super easy for you. Here we go;


A well light display comes right at the top of the list. The main reason? Its through the display that we get to see the readings. LED display is paramount and so is big readings. The bugger the reading, the better as you get to read from a distance.

The weighing surfaces

Getting a scale with a big surface is paramount as it enables you to weigh lots of ingredients at a go. You also get to avoid some ingredients hanging over the scale giving you a hard time balancing.


In most cases, the average capacity in most kitchen is 4kgs. Hence, you need a scale that has a capacity of anything from 3-5kgs. Leave some room for extra weight such as from the bowls and plates that yiu use to hold the ingredients.

Continuous weighing

If you prepare lots of recipes that need lots of mixing, a continuous scale is essential. The main idea is, measuring ingredients without first having to remove previous ones. If that’s your thing, go for a continuous weighing scale rather than a start-stop scale.

Here are the best weighing scales in 2021

The Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

We start off with the highly affordable The Ozeri Pronto. Everything about it shows that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good weighing scale. You can also spend reasonably and still get a good digital kitchen scale. With its easy to use 2 button control, you don’t need much to learn how to use this scale. It can measure up to 11.24 pounds.

We absolutely love the chrome platform that is easy to clean and large enough to accommodate big ingredients. It is a fast-delivering scale that gives you accurate readings in a timely manner. The 2 AAA batteries are sturdy and will give you a decent run and an auto switch feature that turns it off after being idle for only 2 minutes.

The Ozeri Pronto is good looking with its sleek design and comes in a variety od colors to gives you a chance color coordinate. Thou its capacity and size are limited; it will give you a chance to get accurate readings at a pocket friendly price.

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What we liked about it;

  • Sleek design with multiple colors
  • Two batteries with power saving mode
  • Easy to operate
  • Quite affordable

Etekcity Food Scale

If you are in the market for a multifunctioning scale, then you are in luck as the Etekcity Food Scale provides exactly that. It acts as timer, a thermometer and a mixing bowl on top of being a scale. It is perfectly crated with stainless steel; hence you can expect it to last for a good while cleaning easily. It can be used to measure to measure up to 11 pounds which is perfect for most recipes.

What really caught our eyes was the detachable bowl that makes it easy to flawlessly transfer the mixture. There is the auto zero and auto tare function that makes continuous weighing a breeze. The scale comes with two AAA batteries and an auto shut function to save on power. The display is quite visible thanks to the backlit and large readings. The temperature sensors are spot on and so is the in-built timer. You cannot afford to second guess recipes when you have this scale

The detachable bowl makes storage easy and efficient and so is the cleaning process. The craftsmanship of the Etekcity Food Scale is commendable and it is worth the money spent.

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What we liked about it;

  • Multifunctional scale
  • Sturdy batteries
  • Easy to read display
  • Detachable bowl

Escali Digital Kitchen Scale

Looking at it, you can’t fancy much about it but when you take a closer look, you start to understand why its an incredible scale. From its compact size, to the two button controls to the molded plastic, this digital kitchen scale is one asset you want in your kitchen. It measures up to 11 pounds, which just about covers most of the average kitchen recipes and has a tare button. What this means is that you can continuously measure the ingredients without doing the math yourself. Simplified, right?

Thou the display is not back lit; it is so easy to read. The numbers are large enough and hence you won’t have to strain to get the readings. The weighing platform can be removed and cleaning it is as easy as they come. The battery life is decent and there is a limited lifetime warranty should things go wrong.

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What we liked

  • Decent battery
  • Accurate tare scale
  • Easy to read display thou no backlit
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty

GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Scale

This top seller on Amazon has everything you need in a scale. It has a clean flat platform that makes weighing easy and a straightforward design that will give easy time weighing. We love the 4 sensors that make it possible to accurately measure with 0.1 ounce or 1 gram. You can also measure in different measurements. You can easily remove the weight of the container giving you a clearer picture of the true weight of the ingredients.

The touch buttons make it easier to control and cleaning is also a breeze. The LCD display is easy to read thanks to its high contrast nature and the readings are large enough. There is an extra battery included in the package, hence you can use it for longer.

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What we liked about it:

  • 4 sensors for accurate readings
  • Easy to clean surface
  • High contrast LCD display
  • Has an extra battery