Let’s start by answering a very common question, do wine glasses make a difference? The simple answer is yes. To the ordinary person, any glass can be a wine glass. But to wine lovers, not every glass can be a wine glass. A wine glass helps alienate the wine, giving good notes and aromas of the wine. The glass is also designed to help you taste the wine noting every flavor, just like the brewers wanted. Hence the need to have the best wine glasses.

What to look for in a wine glass;

Here are some of the factors you should consider in a wine glass:

Bowl shape

The bigger the bowl, the more air it exposes the wine to air and the more your nose picks out the aromas. The opposite is also true and hence you need to determine if noses and aromas are your thing. While at it, different wine types will do well in different glasses. Experts recommend the following;

White wine-narrow bowls

Red wine-wide bowls

Sparkling- tall, narrow bowls

The stem

Do you want to hold the stem or do you want to hold the exterior of the wine glass? Well, its really up to you to determine that. However, keep in mind that stemless glasses will lead to warmer temperatures from the hand which might alter the wine taste.

Type of glass

While most of the wine glasses in the market are made from lead-free crystal, it is important to check the thickness. The thickness affects just how much wine flows to your tongue allowing you to taste it better.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see some of the best wine glasses in 2021;

Riedel VINUM Viognier/Chardonnay Glasses, Set of 2

We start off with this amazing piece of work from glassware company that has been there for centuries. Everything about the Riedel Vinum Chardonnary glasses oozes of perfection and glass. It is the type of wine glass that you can’t wait to show off to your wine buddies. With the mouth of this glass being the desired shape, not too narrow or too wide, you can confidently guide the wine to the exact mouth point for better tastes.

The glass used here is top quality and you can expect them to last for a long time to come. They are dishwasher safe making them easier to clean. It is perfect for both red and white wines and will make you taste the wine better.

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What we liked about it;

  • Top quality glass
  • Amazing design
  • Used for both white and red wine
  • Dishwasher safe

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses

If you find yourself breaking all your stem glasses, then you can try the stemless glasses to see if your fortunes change. The stemless wine glasses from JoyJolt Spirits. They are elegant, sophisticated and above all, multipurpose. You can use them for both white and red wines and every sommelier or wine enthusiast will tell you that this wine glasses are a cut above the rest. They come in sets of four and with a weight of 15 ounces, they are practically lightweight.

Having been made form shutter resistant glass, the wine glasses will survive most of the ordeals and will make your evenings better. The mouth is also well crafted and will help prevent spillages and the wine bowl which is wide enough to air your wine. The wine glass is dishwasher safe and has one-year guarantee.

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What we liked;

  • Shutter-resistant glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Elegant design with a wide bowl and good mouth
  • Has a 1-year satisfaction guarantee

Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux Hand-Blown Crystal Wine Glass

Every sommelier or wine lover will tell you that Zalto is a trusted brand. They have been in the wine industry for ages, and their products have become synonymous with wine and its products. That’s exactly what you can expect to find in this wine glass. It is made with lead free European crystal that is one of the best in the industry.  

It is feather weight and with a thin lip, you get to taste your wine, just the way you like it. It has an amazing capacity of 765ml. We absolutely love the bowl shape as it brings out the sleek design and you won’t regret putting it out fir display. The wine glass is dishwasher safe and is perfect for red wine.

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What we liked about it;

  • Lead free crystal
  • Feather weight
  • Large capacity
  • Thin lip for better tasting

Elegance Champagne Classic Flute

The list cannot be complete without champagne glasses. We have searched far and wide and we have finally settled on the elegance Classic Flute. This handmade champagne class from Waterford is a true work of art and you can’t help but marvel at the glass. Comes in a set of two and will elevate your drinking game to the next level.

It is both elegant and narrow with its clear lead-free crystal allowing you to clearly see the effervescence of your champagne. It has a capacity of 240ml which makes it ideal for toasting events. Next time you are out for champagne.

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What we liked about it;

  • Clear crystal
  • Quality glass
  • Good capacity
  • Perfect for toasting events

KOSIUN Wine Glasses

If you are looking for a decent white and red wine glass and you are not ready to break the bank, this is perfect for you. It is made with lead free crystal that is built to last. It is hand blown and with a long stem, you get the most from it. The thin rim is perfect for guiding the wine to specific part of the mouth for better tasting.

With a set of four, the wine is perfectly priced giving you good value for money. You can also use it for both white and red wine. It has a capacity of 450ml which is a fair capacity and its conical bowl which makes it ideal for airing the wine for better nose and original flavor.

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What we liked about it

  • Good for white and red wine
  • Large capacity
  • Comes in a set of four
  • Thin rim