Ironing is probably the most annoying and tiresome chore. It is no wonder that it was chosen to be the least favorite chore as studies have shown. But getting the ironing board helps reduce the pain and struggle that comes with ironing. But getting an ironing board is not as easy as it sounds and you need to know a thing or two. To the open eye, it is just a table with stands that are used occasionally. But as you look at it deeply, you will understand that ironing boards are so much more.

Factors to considered in an ironing board

To help demystify things for you, we have complied a list of things you need to get the best out of your ironing board. Take a look;


You need your board to be sturdy and firm. Though flexible and highly portable, the board needs to stand firm and withstand the weight and movement that comes with ironing.


The thing with ironing board is, they are used but that’s just but for a moment. You need the whole thing to be portable and flexible to help move and store it without a fuss.


Generally, there are 5 ironing board sizes. The main thing to consider is they type of clothes you usually iron. If you have dresses and suits, a large ironing bord will do the trick. If you have small clothes such as shirts and blouses, a small board will do.

Board covers

A good board cover will make your ironing as smooth as possible. The best thing to do is to get the exact measurements of the board and design a cover that fits. Look for scorch resistant and non-stick to help make ironing smooth.

Other important aspects include;

  • Child lock
  • Iron rest
  • Non-slippery end caps
  • Flexible stands

Now then, lets look at the best ironing boards in 2021

HOMZ T-Leg Steel Top Ironing Board

With easily adjustable legs, this ironing board will fit into any room you want. You can easily adjust the legs to any height and the legs are suitable for any type of floor. It is expertly shaped to help avoid any and every issue that comes with awkwardly shaped clothes. The top caught our eye with differently color samples to help you choose the most suitable one. You can find sky blue, grey pattern, fresh green and floral patterns all aimed at fitting in your clothes.

Talking of the cover, there is the perforated design that helps keep the steam flow optimized throughout the board. There is also an in-built foam pad to make sure you are able to steam and iron with ease.

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Our stand out features;

  • Sturdy legs for superior support
  • Diversely designed covers
  • Perforated cover pads
  • Easily adjustable legs that are fitted for any floor

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

 With an ironing surface of 48X15 inches, the Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board is a great asset to have. With a large and cleverly designed board, you will not struggle to iron big clothes. The cover is heat reflective which makes it easier to glide over the clothes as you iron. We love that they have designed a steam rest which is a sturdy as they come.

The iron board is fitted with stable legs which are also easily adjustable to a maximum of 37cm which is the average ironing posture. The stables loops will also make it easier for you to speedily iron your clothes without a fuss. There is a flex guide to ensure that the power cord does not get in your way as you do your business.

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Our stand out specs;

  • Stable legs that are easy to adjust
  • Large ironing surface
  • Heat reflective cover
  • Flex guide helps control power cord

Small Ironing Board with Iron Holder

If space is your greatest concern, then thus small ironing board from Essential Household is your go-to. everything about it from the self-close tech to hanger is perfect for small spaces. The cover is made with cotton, which the manufacturer says is pure cotton. There is a U-hook holder which is sturdy enough to hold your iron.

When it comes to the legs, they are strong and firm and will make your life easier when ironing. that’s not all as the feet will do well in most surfaces and will not mess your laundry room. When you close the board for storage, there is a hook that keeps everything in check. It may not be much, but this Small Ironing Board from Essential Holding will do the job while saving on space.

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Our stand out features;

  • Small but thoroughly effective
  • Easy to mount and also store
  • Built in iron holder
  • Sturdy ironing board

Brabantia Board with Fading Lines

We probably saved the best for last. The Brabantia Board with Fading Lines is strong yet lightweight which makes it easier for you to use and move it with ease. There is a rest for a steam iron and you can also pick one with solid iron rest. There are a variety of designs to pick from, and then there is the lots of cushions which makes ironing a breeze.

The feet can easily be adjusted and with heights of between 30-38 inches, you get lots of room to work with. there is a child lock to help protect your kids from accidentally injuring themselves. The non-slip feet make it convenient to place it under any floor. The cotton cover makes it durable and it is perfectly fitted to ensure smooth ironing.

What really caught our eye was the 10-year guarantee that you get from Brabantia. That’s more than enough time to get good value for your money. Above all, the Brabantia Board with Fading Lines is wide enough to accommodate clothes of all sizes and ironing is very easy.

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Our stand out features

  • Easily adjusted to fit your needs
  • Cotton covers for easier ironing
  • Steam iron rest
  • 10-year guarantee