Smoking and BBQ in general is a sacred duty that needs skills and the right equipment. Nobody wants to invite people over for a BBQ afternoon only to be left embraced by lack of a good smoker. Hence there is a genuine need to have a good smoker that will leave your friends and family yearning for more. But with the current market filled with thousands of smokers, choosing a good one can be challenging. We have done the homework for you and we bring you the best smokers in 2021;

Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

A good smoker combines several factors to help it stand out. The Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker is well crafted with both modern and traditional aspects to make your BBQ seamless. For starters, it is a digital electric smoker that has 4 racks. The spacious racks will house your meat comfortably. There us the in-built temperature control that makes it easier for you to check and regulate the temperature. Bid goodbye to overcooked meat with this electric cooker that has all you need.

There is a side tray where you can easily add wood chips without necessarily halting the smoking. That makes it so easy as you don’t have to spend countless hours planning enough wood. We love the broiling element which makes it super easy to crisp your meat without firing up another grill.

There are interior lights that light up the smoker allowing you to continue long after dark. That, together with the Bluetooth connectivity makes it super easy to use the smoker. The set up is also easy and without much hiccup giving you more time to enjoy your grill.

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What we liked;

  • Large enough with 4 chrome racks
  • Easy to set and control
  • Has interior lighting
  • Easy to add wood chippings
  • Has a broiling element

Demeyere Resto Smoker

Let’s admit it, there comes a time when smoking cannot happen outdoors. It maybe bad weather or you simply detest the whole idea of smoking outdoors. Well, we have the right smoker for you. The Demeyere Resto Stovetop is a great addition to have integrates well with any stovetop. It is a sturdy smoker that is made with top quality materials that help it withstand the pressure that comes with BBQs.

There is nothing that beats a good smoker with stainless steel base, strong handles and strong lid. The stainless-steel lid will ensure that nothing escapes the smoker and your meals will cook with speed. There’re two inserts in this smoker hence you can save on time and it can also be turned into a steamer. All this makes it ideal to cook all types of food while at the comfort of your kitchen. It is dishwasher safe and cleaning it is as easy as they get. That not withstanding, we noticed that sometimes, it lets out smoke which can really mess your kitchen. Other than that, it’s a top-quality smoker.

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What we liked about it;

  • Fits perfectly with other stovetops
  • Built to last
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can also be used as a steamer

Char-Broil Charcoal Smoker

Don’t let a limited budget limit your smoking experience. The Char-boil Charcoal Smoker is your go-to when you have a limited budget bit still crave to have the best BBQ. The smoker is super easy to assemble and operating it is easy as it sounds. The cooking space is a whooping 370 sq. In. which is enough to smoke a decent meal. If you want more, there are bigger versions of the same.

On the lid, there is a temperature gauge which helps you monitor the cooking temperature. The smoker is able to give consistent temperatures for better BBQ experience. The cooking grates are porcelain-coated for long lasting service.

Cleaning this smoker is quite easy as there is the ash pan which easily detaches from the smoker. You can therefore clean out the while smoker without messing the whole place. For its price, we can confidently say it’s a bargain smoker worth having. When closing it, ensure it sticks as there are know instances where the lid is known not to stick.

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What we liked about it;

  • Budget-friendly smoker
  • Consistent temperatures with a temperature gauge
  • Expertly crafted
  • Ash pan for easier cleaning

What we didn’t like;

  • The lid doesn’t stick which means you must triple check it

Green Mountain Davy Crockett

When you move your BBQ a lot, you need a Smoker that’s built for the road. There is none greater than the Green Mountain Davy Crockett, it is sturdy and portable making it easier to have a BBQ anywhere you like. While most assume that portable smokers are less than capable, this smoker proves them otherwise.  It has all the ingredients to help it perform its duties with ease.

We love that the smoker has Bluetooth capabilities helping you smoke your meat with relative ease and total control. It runs of power and you can easily plug it in the house for backyard cooking while you can also use it using power for the car. There are three adapters to help you do this and it is super easy.

It is compact and you can bring it with you next time you are out camping. To save on storage space, you fold the legs giving you more room to work with. One downside is that the smoker heats up unevenly which means you need to be careful with it.

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What we liked about it

  • Compact and strong
  • Has Bluetooth capabilities
  • Uses normal current
  • Very portable

What we didn’t like;

  • One side heats up before the other

Parting Shot

Smoking your grills means you cook at low temperatures for long periods of time. In the end, you will get well-cooked meals that you can enjoy with your family. Want to speedily cook your meals? Try electric, charcoal, or gas grills that give as good meals as smokers.